Why choose Kikerikii organic eggs?

October 2, 2023

When standing in front of an egg shelf at a store, many people wonder why they should pick more expensive organic eggs. There are many reasons in favour of organic eggs.

Organic eggs are laid by chickens fed with organic feed. The chickens of Äntu Manor laying the eggs of our brand Kikerikii receive feed grown in clean fields that are not poisoned with fertilizers and pesticides. We grow most of the crops ourselves, but we also buy additional feed from other organic farmers. Organic eggs are free of antibiotics and hormones commonly used in non-organic egg production. Choosing organic eggs means supporting producers who do not add potentially harmful additives to our diets.

Spacious hatcheries

Organic chickens have more spacious living conditions in the hatcheries – these have enough light and plenty of space for interacting with one another or snoozing on a roost. During warmer months the chickens can also forage outside, which allows them to live in a way that is natural to them. This results in happier and healthier chickens who lay higher-quality eggs. In fact, the chickens in Äntu are curious and communicative with our keepers, as well.

Better for nature

Ultimately, the production of organic eggs is better for the environment. Organic farms use sustainable production methods and do not rely on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which have an adverse impact on the soil and water quality. The hatcheries at Äntu Manor are located on the Pandivere Upland with water reservoirs beneath that supply nearly every spring in Estonia with clean drinking water. We refuse to pollute these shared water resources with pesticides. Switching to organic eggs will not only benefit our health, but also the well-being of chickens and the environment. Try them yourself and feel the difference!

Buy Kikerikii organic eggs from Äntu Manor e-store!

You can find Kikerikii organic eggs in all major stores across Estonia Selver, Prisma Peremarketid, Talu Toidab Rimis, Stockmann, Tallinna Kaubamaja, Tartu Kaubamaja, Coop Estonia stores.